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Winter Race Series Update

- 10th Jan 2018

With ten of the races in the series now completed there are quite a few athletes in contention for the cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

In the men’s table, Iain Murdoch is leading at the moment with 75 points, but not far behind is Steve Shaughnessy with 60 points and Nick Roberts with 50 points.

Steve Brown and Andy Mainwaring are just behind Nick on 45 points and then we have a bit of a tussle with George Cooke, Paul Corner, Kevan Garner, Gary Richardson and Michael Tipper on 40 points.

In the ladies’ table Alexis Dinsmor is leading with 60 points, but not far behind is Fiona Cooke on 50 points and Rebecca Brimage on 45 points.

Rachael Blight, Ruth Murdoch and Esther Kavanagh-Dixon have each got 40 points and Lesley Sinclair is not far behind on 30 points.

There are still 7 races to enter in the Winter Race Series which finishes with the Trafford 10k in March.

There are 20 points available for competing in the Three Halls of Stockport and 25 points for the Irwell Valley and remember that extra points can be awarded if you enter the MACCL at Woodbank and Wythenshawe.

The leaderboard can change dramatically with just one or two races so check out the list of races available in the series and get entering!!

The full list of entrants can be viewed on the noticeboard at the clubhouse.