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Paul Stepto

Senior Men’s & Women’s Sessions

New track sessions will be added as soon as training for adults is able to resume at the track.

Suggested speed sessions to mix in with your training runs - two session a week.

  • 5 mile run to include 6 x 2min efforts during the run.
  • Hill reps 10 efforts (Vernon Park or similar)
  • Fartlek session included in your run do 10 fast efforts- for example from  one lamppost to the next.
  • 1 mile warm up followed by 1 mile effort followed by 1mile steady. ( 2 times).
  • Warm up 12 x ( 1 min fast followed by 1 min slow ) cool down.
  • 6 x 3min efforts with 90sec recovery between each one
  • 20 min Warm followed by 10 min tempo run , 3 min recovery run, 10 min tempo, Cool down.