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Latest News

Senior Northern Road Relay Championships

- 9th Aug 2018

The Northern Road Relay Championships take place on Sunday, 23rd September at SportCity, Manchester.

Each stage is approximately 5.4k. We'd really like to get as many teams as possible together to represent Stockport Harriers.

Please contact either James Scott-Buccleuch or Alexis Dinsmor ASAP if you will be available on the 23rd September to race. 

Important notice on behaviour

- 11th Jul 2018

Alongside all the super positive news stories coming out of Stockport Harriers on a regular basis, we are sorry to report that a number of newspaper articles featuring a small number of Junior athletes on display in the clubhouse have been wilfully defaced.

Following this discovery, the Welfare Secretaries, on behalf of the entire committee, would like to appeal to all users of the club house, members, and non-members alike, that they behave sportingly at all times, and do not resort to this kind of ill treatment of their fellow athletes.

These are just kids, and they don’t deserve to be treated like this for any reason, especially not for doing well. We should all be proud of them!

They should be able to expect to feel safe and supported, not hated.

This incident could have a huge effect on their self-esteem and desire to be part of the club.

We have probably all read the stats on the drop off rate among teens in athletics, so shouldn’t we be giving our talented teenage athletes as much positive reinforcement as we can to encourage them to stay?

Unsporting behaviour has no place at Stockport Harriers.

If you know anything about these incidents or have other welfare issues you would like help with, please contact Jen and Rachel your Welfare Officers.

You all follow Stockport Harriers, and we should all support and encourage one another each other in the name of sport regardless of our coaching group, parkrun time, or how many marathons we have run.

Let’s celebrate Team Stockport rather than bring our team mates down and our club into disrepute.

Hammer Cage Risk Assessment

- 19th Jun 2018

The link below is the risk assessment carried out by SHAC to allow the cage at the stadium to be opened up again for use in training and competition. Whilst many of you may not use the cage, the risk assessment has implications for ALL who use the track and I therefore require you to make yourself (and your children if applicable) fully aware of the contents of the risk assessment, identifying those areas that affect you.

All of the steps that are in this risk assessment have been considered at length and advice has been sort externally. It is essential that ALL athletes comply for their own safety and the safety of other users of the stadium.

This document is a "live" document and will be revised as is necessary, based upon any further incidents nationally and any full review that is to be conducted over the summer by UKA.

I thank you in advance for your co-operation in ensuring we continue to have a safe training environment at Stockport Harriers, where all can train and benefit from the great facilities that we have.

Membership renewal update

22nd Apr 2018

The BACS payment facility is now available for your membership payments (account: 19342879, sort code: 830425).

The forms on the website have been updated with the BACS details.

Many thanks for your patience.

BACS is now the preferred payment method as this saves much time and effort for the committee.

Additionally, the committee have agreed that all non-running members (social/volunteers/non-running coaches) should not pay a club membership fee. There is therefore now a FREE club membership category. If you have already paid and you feel you should have had a free membership please get in touch.

Also, many thanks to those who have completed their form and payment already. We are close to 200 paid members in the first 3 weeks. Great progress!

Stockport Harriers’ Kit

21st Apr 2018

Please note that the catalogue is in the process of being updated.

If you require further information regarding kit please email stockportharrierskit [at] gmail [dot] com.

Or keep an eye on Facebook for the times Kit Volunteers are at the Clubhouse

National Road Relays

- 15th Apr 2018

Congratulations to Liz Apsley, Elle Baker, Ruth Sinclair, Imogen Nutter, Jen Hulley and Lou Geldart, the Stockport Harriers' senior women's road relay team who competed in the National Road Relays at Sutton Park last Saturday.

The team finished a very commendable 26th out of the 48 teams who competed. Elle Baker ran the second fastest short leg overall in the race, only 22 seconds behind the first female. Well done everyone.

Unfortunately we didn't have a men's team competing at the nationals this year and in addition we don't have any women or men's teams competing at the British Masters' Road Relay Championships at Sutton Park on the 28th April.

If you are interested in competing for the club at either of these national road relays next year can you please give your details to your coach and we will organise the teams.