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Stockport ladies triumph at Tatton Triathlon

- 30th Sep 2009

Cometh the hour cometh the women . . .

On the 20th September Sarah Aylmer, Julie Fairclough and Maureen Wilkins competed in the Tatton Park Olympic Distance Triathlon.

All three had trained hard for this daunting challenge comprising of a 1 mile swim in Tatton Park lake, a 38k bike ride in the park plus surrounding roads and a 10k cross country run to finish. Some 750 triathletes were competing in what is regarded as one of the biggest Triathlon events in the UK.

Dawn had just broken when all three arrived at the park. A thin shroud of mist was rising from the course which added to the feeling of trepidation for what lay ahead. However, time soon passed with sorting out wet suits, bikes and running gear in the transition zones and before long the ladies were off in the womenís wave for the start of the gruelling swim.

All three came out of the freezing lake some 30 minutes later to start the bike ride. There was good performances all round with Maureen in particular showing her cycling prowess by completing the course in 1 hour 12 minutes with an impressive average speed of just under 20 miles per hour.

The 10k run then followed with Maureen in the lead at this point. However Sarah then showed what a strong runner she is by setting a time of 42-39. This was in fact the 90th best time for the run out of the entire field!

Sarah posted a total time of 2 hours 35 minutes, Maureen 2-41 and Julie 2-43 with an age category rating of 1s,t 2nd & 4th respectively.

To complete this event in around three hours is an achievement in itself. To finish with such impressive times against fierce opposition from nationwide triathlon club members is all the more remarkable. Well done to all three!