Juniors out in force at the North West Road Relays

Report: Pete Torrence -

Not only did the seniors make the trip to Liverpool for the North West Road Relays but the juniors had a big turnout in all age groups for the first relay event of the winter season.

The first race of the day was the under-13 girls over a 3,300m course and as always this was the biggest turn out of the day with five teams on the start line.

The A-team again showed the way to finish fourth with Karley Jarrett 13-42 then Eliza Brackenridge-Jones 13-55 and Katy Whiteoak 12-39, followed by the B-team of Juilet Downs 13-44, Jasmine Hannon 14-31 and Emma Donaghy 13-46, both teams taking silver and bronze in the Greater Manchester Champs. They where followed home by a C-team made up of Francesca Carosi 14-06, Georgia Bourke 13-55 and Emily Hughes 14-44 in 13th place then Britney Sharples 14-31, Grace Bower 13-50 and Grace Garner 14-55 in 17th place and Naomi Sinclair 15-09, Abbie Wood-Doyle 16-24 and Nicole Sharrocks 15-04 in 24th place.

The under-15 girls had two great teams with the A-team taking the gold medal with a team of Lizzie Aspley 12-05, Leah O'Connell 14-28 and Mollie Williams 12-23 followed by the B-team of Ellen Downs 12-55, Alice Hughes 13-56 and Sophie Williams 14-44 in 15th place.

Not to be out done the under-17 girls took gold and bronze in the Greater Manchester Champs with the A-team of Aimee Aikin 13-47, Imogen Nutter 13-10 and Nicola Berry 13-04 taking 5th place followed by the B-team of Rosa Chrystie Lowe 13-11, Sarah Tipping 14-39 and Olivia Speed 13-53 taking 11th place.

The boys under-15 team made up of Michael Sidebottom 11-59 and Alex Minshull 12-08 then Jay Wood 12-35 took gold in the Greater Manchester Champs.

In the under-17 men the team of Kevin Acton 18-47, Simon Chadwick 20-00 and Rob Ward 20-23 on a 5,500m course took silver in the Greater Manchester Champs.

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