Girls top team at Heaton Park

Report: Donna Brackenridge Jones -

The under-13 girls were out in force yet again on Saturday 22nd October in the Manchester Area Cross Country League at Heaton Park.

We had 17 Stockport Harriers runners out of a field of 52 in the under-13 girls event and they all did the Club proud, in fact it was a sea of yellow Stockport vests from start to finish.

A-team 1st
2nd Lucy Donaghy 11.05
3rd Katy Whiteoak 11.16
8th Eliza Brackenridge Jones 11.37
B-team 3rd
11th Karly Jarrett 11.58
13th Lauren Hunt 12.16
16th Emma Donaghy 12.20
C-team 6th
18th Juliet Downs 12.29
20th Grace Bower 12.33
21st Jasmine Hannon 12.36
D-team 8th
26th Britney Sharples 12.53
27th Grace Garner 12.54
28th Francesca Carosi 12.57
E-team 10th
29th Nicole Sharrocks 13.00
30th Naomi Sinclair 13.03
31st Georgia Bourke 13.04
Incomplete team
40th Emily Hughes 13.50
48th Abbie Wood-Doyle 15.08

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