The Bullock Smithy

Report: Jane O'Hara -

Well done to all the Stockport Harriers who completed the 56 mile Bullock Smithy hike/run on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September. It was a glorious day, a beautiful moonlit night, we took in some of the most beautiful parts of the Peak District, climbed 8,000 feet, and had some memorable experiences.

All of us who took part would like to say a huge thank you to all the Stockport Harriers, friends and family who came out to support us. It really is hard to describe just how fantastic it is to get so much encouragement on the way round. Thank you too to all the wonderful Bullock Smithy volunteers who supported us and fuelled us with tea, soup, jam sandwiches, crisps, cake and doughnuts.

This year’s group of Stockport Harriers included many first-timers as well as some Bullock Smithy veterans. The Bullock Smithy’s greatest veteran is our very own membership secretary Jerzy Matuszewski, who completed the event for an incredible 37th time. An amazing achievement. Tony Audenshaw was the first Stockport Harrier to finish this year and he finished 7th overall with a personal best of 11.08.

Stockport Harriers hold the men’s and women’s individual records as well as the team course record for the Bullock Smithy. James Scott-Buccleuch ran it last year in 8.46 and Sally Keigher’s record from the previous year is 10.35. James and Sally both came along to wave us off at the start and James dropped off his trophy for this year’s winner. Neil Thompson from Stockport Harriers who came second last year was in the lead this time round until he was forced to retire with an injury.

All in all, a challenging and unique event with a very special atmosphere.

Tony Audenshaw 11.08
Andy Fowler 13.28
Nick Ham 13.29
Ruth Lee 14.33
Jane O’Hara 14.33
Sarah Leah 16.54
Samantha Cook 16.54
Steve Fairclough 16.54
Helen Fraser 16.54
Louise Harrison 16.54
Nigel Harrison 16.54
Gerrard Moss 18.41
Jerzy Matuszewski 18.55

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