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Helen’s 300-in-30 challenge

- 4th Sep 2012
Helen’s 300-in-30 challenge

 Stockport Harrier Helen Thornhill has embarked on a major running challenge to raise money to support her sister Karen, who is suffering from terminal cancer. Helen is running 300 miles in 30 days and would welcome your sponsorship and support. She would also like to invite anyone who is interested to join her on the final 10-mile leg of her run on Sunday 30th Sept at 9.00am, starting and finishing at Lymefield in Broadbottom. Afterwards there will be a boot camp led by qualified fitness instructor and fellow Stockport Harrier Kerrie Wood-Doyle, followed by refreshments and a well deserved giant slice of cake. A £5 donation would be welcome to support the fundraising drive.

Helen’s sister Karen is 42 and was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. The cancer has now spread to her liver and lungs. It is an aggressive cancer which is manageable but not curable. Karen has endured surgery and chemotherapy, and continues to receive regular treatment every three weeks. This will continue until the cancer can no longer be slowed down.

Karen has a dream to go on a cruise, which has been booked and paid for. However, because of her illness, the cost of insurance is over £1,000. Helen is running to help cover the costs of this insurance to give her terminally ill sister the holiday of a lifetime. If you’d like to sponsor Helen, to join her on any of her daily runs around the Glossop area, or to join the final run, boot camp and celebration in Broadbottom on Sunday 30th September, please email her on hsafety [at] sky [dot] com.