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Stockport ladies at the Northern Road Relays

- 24th Sep 2012

Thanks to all the Stockport ladies who turned out on Saturday 22nd September for the Northern Road relays at Leigh Sports Village.

Sarah Tipping and Imogen Nutter were in full force for their first time out running at senior level and both pushed hard all the way.

Unfortunately Gill Doolan had to contend with a dog trying to attack her and was clawed. If you haven’t seen her wounds, I’m sure she will show you her left buttock! This didn’t deter her finishing in 16.29.

Jess Coulson set the 2nd fastest leg overall with a fabulous time of 12.18.

Great team work and determination showed through on the day with all athletes finishing in under 17 minutes. Well done to you all.

Ladies A 4th
Jessica Coulson 12:18
Carmen Byrne 14:33
Jenny Knass 13:34
Louise Rudd 13:28
Ladies B 20th
Kerry Wood-Doyle 14:06
Nicola Berry 14:53
Jayne Lawton 15:02
Imogen Nutter 15:34
Ladies C 44th
Lesley Sinclair 16:32
Sarah Tipping 16:22
Gill Doolan 16:29
Hilary West 16:49
Men A 5th
Patrick Martin 17:45
James Scott-Buccleuch 19:40
Steven Vernon 17:51
Andrew Nixon 18:41
Mike Sawrey 18:55
Alex O'Gorman 18:30
Men B 20th
Jack Morris 19:04
Adrian Nutter 20:08
Jake Littlehales 20:20
Jordan Littlehales 20:02
Dean Matkin 20:32
Jack Nixon 19:14
Men C 60th
Stuart Cameron 20:35
Steve Shaughnessy 22:39
Paul Payne 21:09
Mike Shaw 22:17
Martin Rutter 21:20
Karl Tavini 24:00
Men D  
Nick Roberts 26:35
D Chrystie-Lowe 23:14
Alistair Chapman 23:09
Stephen Cole 25:41