Schools Cross Country League Special Announcement

Report: John Wharf -

We apologise for having to cancel the League meeting at short notice on Saturday 13 October due to lack of adequate first aid cover. The decision was not taken lightly as we were conscious that this would disappoint the many children, parents and friends who had attended the event.

This was the first time, to our knowledge, that a League event has been cancelled in over 40 years. Our risk assessment was updated last year following the death of a child in an event elsewhere, because adequate medical attention could not be obtained in time, such that the assessment now states that the event will not proceed without adequate cover.

The Regional Event Co-ordinator for St John Ambulance has expressed his apologies for non-attendance at the event which was due to a software malfunction that meant the local unit was unaware that it was scheduled to attend our event. Clearly, it behoves Stockport Harriers and St John Ambulance to ensure jointly that procedures are put in place to audit bookings for first aid cover and scheduled rotas, and to confirm attendance in the week prior to the event.

We will add an additional date of 2nd March to the League programme so that we can complete the full programme of events. As the cancelled event had several race entries ‘on the line’, there will be no charge for ‘on the line’ entries at the next race. Anybody who paid and cannot make the next race can either contact me to obtain a refund, or speak to the person on the administration desk at one of the subsequent races.

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