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Schools Cross-Country League Race 5

- 11th Feb 2013

After 5 races, we know the winners of three of the four leagues: Mollie Cooke of Ladybrook in the Girls Years 5/6 League, Joe Davidson of Stockport Grammar in the Boys Years 5/6 League and Alex McLachlan of Norbury Hall in the Boys Years 3/4 League, whose respective scores from their best 4 races put them in unassailable positions with one event to go. Congratulations! Behind them, the other podium places will be decided only after the last event, as will the final positions in the Girls Years 3/4 League.

Girls Years 5 & 6

Evie Wild, High Lane Primary and Imogen Porteous Williams, Banks Lane, are guaranteed to stand on the podium alongside Mollie Cooke, but we await the result of the final race to see who gets the silver medals and who gets the bronze.

Boys Years 5 & 6

Dominic Crossland, Great Moor, lies 2nd on 11 points, but close on his heels is Owen Mcpherson, St Christopher’s, with 12 points. However, further down the table Harry Hince, St Joseph’s Reddish, has 8 points from 3 races and 1st or 2nd position in the final race would ensure that he takes silver.

Boys Years 3 & 4

There are five contenders for the silver and bronze medals. Henry Carne, Romiley, lying 2nd has 15 points and Bow Hornby, Norbury Hall, lying 3rd has 17 points, which both could potentially reduce to 12 with a win in the final race. Further down the table, a win for Thomas Boyd, Dean Valley, would give him a 4–race score of 8 points and the silver medal, while 1st or 2nd place for Joshua Rowson, Gee Cross, would give him 10 or 11 points and a place upon the podium.

Girls Years 3 & 4

Daisy Keigher, Ludworth Primary, leads the table with a score of 7 from her best 4 races and is guaranteed a silver medal at least. Her lead is threatened by Leah Wilkinson, Vernon Park, who has a score of 3 from 3 winning appearances. Currently in 2nd place, Betty Hall of Norbury Hall has 15 points which she could potentially improve to 10 points, while Esther Hulley, Hazel Grove, currently in 3rd place could potentially improve her score from 22 to 13 points. Also in the mix is Christie Allen of Gee Cross, whose 8 points from 3 races puts her in contention for a podium position if she achieves another high placing on 2nd March.