Cheshire League Round 2

Report: Andy Mihranian -

Thank you to all of those athletes and parents who remained committed to the Cheshire League. The team was nowhere near as strong, in terms of numbers, but there was a lot of quality and excellent effort on show from the dedicated Stockport Harrier team. It is therefor unsurprising that many of our athletes, not only got points for the team, but also achieved presonel bests and season's bests. Well done to all the athletes and especially to those willing to try an event, they do not train for, just to get points for the team.

Thank you once again to the parents who volunteered for field judging duty - Mr Philbin, Mrs Donaghy, Mr Hall and Mr Miller Reedman. On this occasion we judged a Javelin and Shot putt event. I do hope that others will come forward over time - the more the less the workload ! These events require this volunteer support to survive.

Finally, thank you to Donna and Cliff for their support on the day. It is very much appreciated

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