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Cheshire League - Round 3

- 26th Jul 2013

On an extremely warm day in Crewe, our small but enthusiastic and committed team did very well. There were a multitude of bests on the day and three wins for Anna Mountenay in the under-13 girls 100m with a best time of 14.0 seconds; Evie Wild in the under-11 girls 600m and Kevin Acton in the 3000m.

Well done to Alex Brooks and Alex Wagstaff who competed for the club for the first time and competed very well.

Thank you to Gareth Miller-Reedman, Graham Chilton, Mark Philbin, Darryl Culmer, JP Kearns and Donna Brackenridge Jones for their administrative/coaching/judging support on the afternoon. Attending and participating in these meetings, is not possible without these contributions. I am sure all the athletes and parents appreciate the time and effort you have put into this event.

Finally, congratulations to all the athletes who represented our club so well in this round. The final round - Round 4 - is on September 8th 2013 in Salford.