Peter Powell: 35 years of training...

Report: Peter Powell -

The 31st August 2013 was an historic day for life member Peter Powell in achieving 35 years of training without any undue break. Very lucky he has been through the years in never once having to stop through athletics injuries although he had some narrow escapes having completed 15 marathons and countless shorter races.

Just under 6.5 miling was the best but he was always the "nearly man" with 41 minutes for 10k and 91 minutes for the half marathon although the best ever was 64.5 for 10 miles at Clitheroe in 1982.

Most people do not go through from school continuously with athletics into adulthood and it must be always remembered, especially for road runners and the like, that nearly all started off as beginners first before improving. So to this day there is still the important opportunity for adult beginners each Monday evening at Woodbank stadium and long may this continue.

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