Schools Cross Country League Race 4

Report: John Wharf -

The fourth event of the 2013-14 League was held in good late Autumn conditions, with plenty of sun and easier conditions underfoot than in the third event.

Girls Years 3-4

Darcey Breen of Stockport Grammar cemented her position at the top of the table by gaining her 1st win in this year’s league. Diddy Parish of Dean Valley also got her best result so far by coming in 2nd, with Elizabeth Hill of High lane taking 3rd spot, which pulled her up from 3rd to 2nd in the league table. 6th place was good enough to move Alana Wilson of Norbury Hall into 3rd spot in the league.

After 4 events, the general shape of the table has become clearer, but the final 2 events will determine which of the runners stand on the podium.  There are 3 potential challengers for the 3 top spots, who have each missed one race: Libby Robinson of Gee Cross Holy Trinity with 6 points, Sofia Livesey of St Simon’s with 8 points and Diddy Parish with 12 points.

In the team competition, the top 3 positions remain unchanged. Norbury Hall leads, with St Simon’s 2nd and Romiley 3rd.  However, each needs to perform well in the last two races to hold their positions and a stave off a challenge from High Lane and St Peter’s lying in 4th and fifth spots, respectively.

Boys Years 3-4

Our congratulations go to Thomas Boyd of Dean Valley who took his 4th win a row and so gained the League title. He was chased home by Will Kershaw of Cale Green and Bow Hornby of Norbury Hall, who now share 2nd spot in the League with 10 points apiece. We are now set for an interesting tussle in the last two races. Both are guaranteed a medal, but what colour will it be?  Potentially, Cathal O’Grady-Smith (St Christopher’s) or Charlie Hibbs (St. Joseph’s) could share a spot on the podium by winning the last two races.

In the team competition, the top positions remained unchanged. St Christopher’s still has a comfortable lead, with St Joseph’s 2nd and Norbury Hall 3rd.

Girls Years 5-6

Chloe Rodgers of St Joseph’s, the winner of the first 3 events didn’t compete in the 4th event, leaving the way clear for her nearest challenger, Evie Wild of High Lane, to take 1st place and the top spot in the League. Evie was chased home Leah Wilkinson (Vernon Park) and Daisy Keigher (Stockport Grammar) who now occupy 2nd and 4th spots in the table, respectively. The 3rd League spot is held by Scarlett Whittaker (Dean Valley), who came 4th in the day’s race.  

Evie’s overall score is good enough to give her 2nd place on the podium, but can she make it top spot by winning the last two races and preventing Chloe Scarlett from gaining the 4th win that she needs to secure outright victory in the League? Leah, Scarlett and Daisy have each led the way home in their close competition with each other, so we have the prospect of some exciting racing in the last two races

In the team competition, St Joseph’s, High Lane and Hazel Grove lie within 4 points of each other at the top of the League, well clear of Romiley.

Boys Years 5-6

Alec McLachlan of Norbury Hall took his 2nd win of the series, coming home ahead of Harry Sinclair of Altrincham Preparatory School 2nd place , and Lewis Poole of St Joseph’s in 3rd place. Fares Ibrahim of Great Moor took 4th place and held onto to his position at the head of the League. Behind him sits Lewis and Henry Carne (Romiley), who took 5th place in the race. Alec McLachlan, who has 3 races and 4 points to his credit needs one more strong performance to get to the top of the table and in a position that could be challenged only by Owen McPherson St Christopher’s, who has won the only 2 races that he has done so far. However, Owen has to run and achieve a 2 or 3 point score from the last 2 races to get to the top.

In the team competition, Romiley still has a substantial lead over Norbury Hall, with St Joseph’s 3rd. 

Please let me know if you spot any anomalies in the table of results and my report, including miss-spelt names.

I would to thank and congratulate all the children who took part in the races, their managers, family and friends for supporting them, St John Ambulance for tending to those needing medical attention and members and supporters of Stockport Harriers who helped to put on a successful event.

The next race will be on 18th January, so I wish you a good winter break and all the best for the New Year.

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