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Schools Cross Country League Race 5

- 20th Jan 2014

Report of 5th Event - 18 January 2014

The fifth event of the 2013-14 League was held in typical January conditions, cloudy, chilly and with plenty of mud that made the going underfoot the hardest of the season. Despite this, many of the runners summoned up fine sprints around the banking to gain points for themselves and their school teams.

Girls Years 3-4

Darcy Breen of Stockport Grammar held onto her position at the top of the table by taking 3rd place, but her lead was cut to 2 points after a close fought race between her, Elizabeth Hill of High Lane and Sofia Livesey of St Simon’s. The 3 girls entered the stadium together and had a magnificent sprint around the banking that belied the hard conditions they had endured in the park. Elizabeth won the sprint by 2 seconds, pulling away from Sofia around the last bend, gaining her 1st win in this year’s league. Libby Robinson of Gee cross Holy Trinity gained her 2nd 4th position of the series, which with her wins in events 1 and 3 puts her on the same points as Sofia in 2nd place in the League. Elizabeth lies in 4th place, a single point behind.

The final race on the 15th February offers the prospect of some exciting racing. Only Darcy is guaranteed a podium position. A win would give her 6 points and the League title; a win for Libby or Sofia would give 7 points and top spot, which would be shared with Darcy if she comes 2nd; and a win for Elizabeth would give her 8 points and a shared top spot with Darcy.

In the team competition, Gee Cross Holy Trinity put out a full team for the 4th time and in so doing overhauled Norbury Hall to take what looks like an unassailable lead at the top of the league. St Simon’s now lie 3rd and Romiley 4th.

Currently, 26 runners could potentially complete all 6 races and be awarded a medal recognising the fact.

Boys Years 3-4

Thomas Boyd of Dean Valley who took the League title at the 4th event following 4 straight wins finished 3rd this time. First place was taken by Will Kershaw in a time that indicated his strength in muddy conditions. Second place was taken by newcomer, Billy Styche of Norbury Hall, whose fellow pupil, Bow Hornby, took 4th place and, in so doing, secured a place on the podium. If Bow manages to win the final race and Will fails to get second, the two will share share 2nd spot in the League with 8 points apiece, otherwise Will claim the silver medal and Bow the bronze. We are now set for an interesting tussle in the last two races. Both are guaranteed a medal, but what colour will it be?

In the team competition, the top 3 league positions have been decided, with St Christopher’s first, St Joseph’s 2nd and Norbury Hall 3rd. Congratulations!

Currently, 27 runners could potentially complete all 6 races and be awarded a medal recognising the fact.

Girls Years 5-6

Our congratulations go to Chloe Rodgers of St Joseph’s, who returned to the fray after missing the 4th event to secure her 4th win and the league title. Congratulations also go to Evie Wild of High Lane, who took 2nd place to ensure that she takes the silver medal. The race for the 3rd spot on the podium is still on between 3 strong runners who have each beaten each other. Daisy Keigher (Stockport Grammar) came 3rd in today’s race and stepped up to 3rd in the league, while Leah Wilkinson (Vernon Park) and Scarlett Whittaker (Dean Valley) each slipped back one spot to 4th and 5th by coming 5th and 4th in the race, respectively.

In the team competition, High Lane was able to shrug off the relatively poor score from their first race by achieving 31 points in today’s race, and move ahead of St Joseph’s, despite St Joseph’s excellent 16 point total today. Hazel Grove continues to hold onto 3rd spot with a 5 point improvement. The 3 teams are each sure to stand on the podium, but the position of each team remains to be determined.

Currently, 25 runners could potentially complete all 6 races and be awarded a medal recognising the fact.

Boys Years 5-6

Congratulations go to Alec McLachlan of Norbury Hall, who took his 3rd win of the series and so gained the league title. He was chased home by Harry Sinclair of Altrincham Prep, who took his 3rd consecutive 2nd place. An equal performance in the final race would give him a 4th counting event and 2nd place overall. Currently, that position is held by Lewis Poole-Price of St Joseph’s, who took 3rd place today. Fares Ibrahim of Great Moor, the previous league leader slipped to 3rd overall after finishing 5th. We can anticipate some good racing in the final event to decide the silver and bronze positions. Potentially, Henry Carne (Romiley), lying 4th in the league could achieve a bronze medal with a win in the final race, depending on how his challengers finish.

In the team competition, our congratulations go to Romiley who have achieved an unassailable lead over their rivals. On past performance, Norbury Hall looks secure in 2nd place and St Joseph’s in 3rd, but we shall see.

Currently, 25 runners could potentially complete all 6 races and be awarded a medal recognising the fact.

Please let me know if you spot any anomalies in the table of results and my report, including miss-spelt names.

I would to thank and congratulate all the children who took part in the races, their managers, family and friends for supporting them, St John Ambulance for tending to those needing medical attention and members and supporters of Stockport Harriers who helped to put on a successful event.

The next race will be on 15 February, when we shall the medal ceremony.