Schools Cross Country League Race 1

Report: John Wharf -

Report of 1st Event – 20 September 2014

The first event of the 2014-15 League was blessed by fine conditions following some early morning rain. We were especially pleased to record our biggest turnout of runners for many years and hope that it is a harbinger for future events. As this was the first event, there are likely to be some errors in the spelling of names in the results table and we would be pleased to hear of any so that they can be corrected. This also applies to school names, which are usually written in their shortened form and it is possible that we have bundled pupils from 2 different schools under one shortened name. The Girls’ 3-4 league table has a  gap in position 67, which we would like to fill if possible.

Girls Years 3-4:

Darcy Breen of Stockport Grammar won the race comfortably in a time that was fast for the opening event of the season. Last year, she shared top spot in the league with Libby Robinson of Gee Cross and clearly put down a marker to retain her title in this year’s league. She was followed in by newcomer Georgina McGarr of St Peter’s, in second place and Hannah Jackson of Kettleshulme St Jame’s in 3rd place, who also achieved fast opening times.

In the team competition, Romiley with 21 points have a clear lead over Lady Barn with 44 points and St Peter’s with 49 points.

Boys Years 3-4:

Matthew Haines of St Peter’s who finished 19th in the league last year showed a marked improvement by winning the race, 10 seconds ahead of Jamie Booth, St Christopher’s, in 2nd place and 13 seconds ahead of Ronan Breen, Stockport Grammar in 3rd place, who pipped Arthur Kennedy of Brabyn’s Preparatory School  by 1 second. Both Jamie and Ronan are newcomers to the league.

St Christopher’s lead the team competition with 42 points, ahead of   St Mary’s Marple with 47 points andRomiley with 49 points.  

Girls Years 5-6:

Leah Wilkinson of Vernon Park, who finished 4th overall last year, and Christie Allen of Gee cross, who finished in the top ten in her 3 races last year, had a closely fought competition for top spot, with Leah achieving the win, 1 second ahead of Christie, in a fast time for the 1st race of the season. The competition for 3rd place was equally close with Daisy Keigher of Stockport Grammar, 3rd overall last year, claiming 3rd just ahead of Abbie Poole of St Joseph’s, 12th overall last year.

In the team competition, Hazel Grove heads the table with 27 points, with Gee Cross in 2nd place on 32 points and  Stockport Grammar in 3rdwith 48 points.

Boys Years 5-6:

Henry Carne of Romiley Primary, who finished 6th in last year’s league, won the race in the fast time of 9mins 32secs and by a clear margin of 35 seconds. Although the time gap was substantial, 2nd placed Joshua Rowson of Gee Cross and 3rd placed Cathal O’Grady Smith also recorded fast times for the course. Joshua who raced 3 times last year with variable results, has clearly stepped up significantly this year. Cathal, who finished 4th overall in the Boys Years 3-4 League last year, is clearly comfortable with the longer distance in his new age group.

St Mary’s Marple, with 42 points, heads the table in the team competition, just ahead of Chinley with 44 points and  Stockport Grammar with 49 points.

Next Event

The next event takes place on Saturday 18 October.

I would like to thank and congratulate to all the children who took part in the league races and express my appreciation to their managers, family and friends for supporting them, St John Ambulance for tending to those needing medical attention and members and supporters of Stockport Harriers who helped put on a successful event. I hope to see you again at the next event, which takes place on Saturday 18 October.

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