Schools Cross Country League Race 3

Report: John Wharf -

Report of 3rd Event – 15 November 2014

The course conditions were the heaviest this season after a return to more typical weather for Autumn.

In compiling the results, we found some missing values and some children sharing the same position, and would welcome any guidance from observers. In the boys Y5-6 race, we have times for positions 35 and 48, but no names to go with them. Two children share 46th place. Possibly one should be 48. In the boys 5-6 race, we have a missing name at 33rd place.

Girls Years 3-4:

Darcy Breen of Stockport Grammar continued her winning ways and took her 3rd win in a row. Freya Murdoch of Pownall Green again followed her home in second place and Jasmine Reed of Rose Hill came 3rd, improving on her 5th position last time. Darcy’s win places her in a very strong position at the top of the league table, while Georgina McGarr of St Peter’s and Alice Blythe of Romiley hold onto 2nd and 3rd places respectively after achieving further good performances today by coming 4th and 5th. Further down the down the table there are three runners with good points scores from two completed, who are in a good position to move into one of the top spots once they complete four counting races: Freya Murdoch, Jasmine reed and Hannah Jackson (Kettleshulme St James).

In the team competition, Romiley A continues to lead with 82 points, while Lady Barn’s absence from the race has allowed High Lane into 2nd place with 214 points and Romiley B into 3rd place with 219 points. However, Ladybarn and St Joseph’s with good scores from 2 races have time to challenge for the top positions.

Boys Years 3-4:

Following Dominic Hanson ‘s win in his first appearance in the league last month, another first-timer, Harvey Murphy of Romiley won today, just pipping Matthew Haines of St Peter’s in a closely fought race. Third spot was claimed by Rory Bardsley of Hazel Grove who moved up from 9th in his first two races. The top three positions in the league table remain unchanged with Matthew Haines leading on 5 points, Arthur Kennedy in 2nd on 13 points and Sol Barlow of Romiley in 4th with 15 points. Below them are a clutch of runners with scores in the 20s, who could move up the table if they can replicate their best race in the next 3 races. Further down the table sit Dominic Hanson and Harvey Murphy with one race and one win apiece, wo must attend the next three races if they want to challenge for a top place in the league.

Romiley have retaken the lead in the team competition after a fine performance today and now lead Hazel Grove by 125 points to 162 points. High Lane now lie in 3rd place on 174 points having overhauled Tithe Barn who now lie in 6th place behind St Mary’s Marple in 4th and St Christopher’s in 5th.

Girls Years 5-6:

Daisy Keigher of Stockport Grammar took her 2nd win in a row in a closely fought race with Leah Wilkinson of Vernon Park, who won the first race in the series. Third place went to newcomer Isabelle Burke of St Anne’s, who led home last month’s 2nd placed runner, Esther Hulley of Hazel Grove. The top three positions in the league table remain unchanged with Daisy Keigher leading with 5 points, Esther Hulley of Hazel Grove lying 2nd with 11 points and Libby Hill of High Lane in 3rd with 18 points. Further down the table lie 3 runners with two races apiece and good points scores who stand a good chance of moving up to the top end table in the last three races: Leah Wilkinson, Abbie poole Price ofDSt Joseph’s and Dids Parish of Dean Valley.

In the team competition the top four positions are unchanged: Hazel Grove remain top with 93 points, Stockport Grammar lies 2nd with 138 points, High Lane lies 3rd with 150 points and St Paul’s 4th with 185 points.

Boys Years 5-6:

Henry Carne of Romiley Primary cemented his position at the top of the league table with his 3rd win of the season, leading home Cameron Murdoch of Pownall Green in 2nd, and Cathal O’Grady Smith of St Christopher’s in 3rd. Another win for Henry will give him the league title. Below him, the next four positions in the league table are unchanged: Cathal lies 2nd, Joe Byrne of Pownall Green 3rd Maxwell Rarity of Lady Barn 4th and Bow Hornby of Norbury Hall 5th. With three races to go, there is still the opportunity for runners who have done only one or two races to put themselves in contention for a high league position, in particular Cameron Murdoch with 4 points from two races.

Lady Barn continues to lead the team table with 115 points, followed by St Mary’s Marple with 136 points and Chinley with 151 points.

Next Event

The next event takes place on Saturday 29 November. An announcement shall be made shortly on the Harriers’ website about the League Presentation day and its support event that will take place on 14 March 2015.

I would like to thank and congratulate to all the children who took part in the league races and express my appreciation to their managers, family and friends for supporting them, St John Ambulance for tending to those needing medical attention and members and supporters of Stockport Harriers who helped put on a successful event.

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