Barry‘tastic’ January Challenge

Report: Barry Thompson -

So here we all are at the beginning of a New Year wondering how do we inspire ourselves with the dark nights, gloomy weather and a definite buzz of “January Blues”?

Well, here is your answer. . .
. . . by joining in the “Barry‘tastic’ January Challenge” of course!

We all know that exercise makes us feel so happy and good about ourselves so here are the two simple rules of engagement:

  • NO ALCOHOL! (Cheating is not allowed)
  • Exercise Every Day of January, which can be:
    - Run (5k minimum) - treadmill allowed
    - Walk (30 minutes minimum) - treadmill allowed
    - Bike (5 miles minimum) - static allowed
    - Swim (20 lengths minimum) - must be in water
    - Exercise (half hour minimum) any form of yoga, pump, core, rpm, etc.

After each day of exercise we reward ourselves by putting £1 in a sealed container and if we get 100 people to join the Barry‘tastic’ January Challenge we will raise over £3000 for the Christie Young Oncology Unit, of which I am proud to be an ambassador.

To finish this off we will have a social gathering (venue to be decided) on Saturday 7th February to share our Barry‘tastic’ adventures, hand over our £31 and make up for 31 days of abstinence.

Please email confirmation of your participation, with the subject: “Barry‘tastic Challenge” to barry [at] thompsonbrothers [dot] net

You can also ‘like’ and share your journey on the Barry‘tastic’ January Challenge facebook page

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