Schools Cross Country League Race 5

Report: John Wharf -

Report of 5th Event – 17 January 2015

The Club offers its apologies to Christie Allen and Gee Cross Holy Trinity Primary School for the comment made to her by a race marshal that made her think that she had been disqualified by the marshal, with the consequence that she stopped running in a state of distress. At the time she was leading the race with about 750m to go and from the evidence of the gaps between the runners and the results of her two other runs in the League suggested that she would very likely have finished first or second. As a result, Christie has insufficient races to allow her to compete for a league medal and her school’s points in the team competition have been affected.

In recognition of this, the Club has decided to set up a Shadow League that will not affect the outcome of the League, but will allow Christie and Gee Cross to compete for points and awards. In the Shadow League, Christie has been awarded 1 point for the 5th race and her position in that League will depend on the final race. A win will give her 5 points altogether and the gold medal, while second place would give her 6 points and the silver medal. In the team competition, Gee Cross A team has been awarded 18 points, giving them 71 points (from the three races attended so far), which places them in a good position of winning the Shadow League title if a full team competes at the 6th race. As the team has completed 3 races, a fourth race would make them eligible to compete for a top 3 place in the normal League. If they achieve a top three placing, only one award will be given.

Girls Years 3-4

Darcy Breen of Stockport Grammar gained her 5th win in a row and has set herself up for a full house of wins. She was closely chased home by Jasmine Reed of Rose Hill, who gave her best performance of the season and boosted her chance of a top 3 finishing position in the League. Freya Murdoch of Pownall Green maintained her consistency in taking 3rd place, which boosted her to 2nd overall in the League and a guaranteed place on the winners’ podium. Georgina McGarr of St Peter’s shares 3rd place in the League with Jasmine Reed and both have the potential to improve their score in the final race.

In the team competition, Romiley A won the team race for the 5th time score for the 4th race in a row. Lady Barn came in 2nd and so leapt to 2nd spot in the League, ahead of Bank’s Lane who came 3rd in the race. Their final positions will be determined at the next race.

Boys Years 3-4

Harvey Murphy of Romiley gained his 3rd win in succession, with his largest gap over his fellow athletes. Third place at the next race would ensure at least a shared League title. The current leader, Matthew Haines of St Peter’s came 3rd in the race, just behind William Bradford of High Lane, who achieved his best result of the season. Matthew Haines is certain to be on the podium, leaving two spots to be filled at the final race. The contenders are Arthur Kennedy of Brabyn’s Prep, Sol Barlow of Romiley, William Bradford and Harvey Murphy.

Congratulations to Romiley, who claimed the League title by winning the 5th race. Hazel Grove held onto 2nd place in the league by coming 2nd, but they must await the final race to fight off the challenge of St Mary’s and High Lane who occupy 3rd and 4th places in the League.

Girls Years 5-6

Congratulations go to Daisy Keigher of Stockport Grammar who won today’s race and with it the League title. Isabelle Burke of St Anne’s took 2nd place which puts her in a good position to get on the podium at the final race as she has 8 points from 3 races. Leah Wilkinson of Vernon Park, who came 3rd in the race, is in a similar position with 6 points from 3 races. Esther Hulley of Hazel Grove, who lies 2nd in the table, came 5th in the race, following home Libby Hill of High Lane, who took 4th place today.

In the team competition, the two teams lying at the top of the table after the 4th race did not put out full teams, but nevertheless held onto their League positions. Gee Cross won the team race, despite their loss of Christie Allen and with 91 points from races stand a good chance of the overall League title. High Lane came 2nd in the race with St Paul’s and Romiley equal third. The final League positions hinge on the final race.

Boys Years 5-6

Henry Carne of Romiley Primary took his 5th win of the season and, like Darcy Breen, is in a good position to achieve a clean sweep of wins. Cathal O’Grady Smith of St Christopher’s came 2nd, one place ahead of Cameron Murdoch of Pownall Green, which ensured that both he and Cameron will stand on the podium at the end of the race series. Cameron’s 2nd place is secure, but Cathal has a chance of sharing 2nd place providing he wins the final race and Cameron finishes no higher than 3rd.

Lady Barn won the race and secured the League title with an unsurpassable score of 126 points. Romiley Primary pulled back some ground on St Mary’s Marple by coming second to St Mary’s 3rd. With only 3 points separating them, their final positions depend on their scores in the last race.

Next Event

The next event takes place on Saturday 28 February 2015. Please note that the presentation event has been postponed from 14 March 2015 to 28 March 2015 to avoid an event that many children are likely to be competing in.

Last year we presented endeavour medals to children who competed in all 6 League events. This year we have decided to award them to children completing 5 races in recognition that illness, family occasions and other factors sometimes mean that it is not possible to attend all 6 races.

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