Woodbank Stadium Track Usage

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting on Tuesday 3rd February the following revised lane usage will apply.

All coaches must remind their athletes of this new lane usage at the start of all training sessions for the first couple of weeks.

Considerable care will be needed during that time and all users are requested to respect each other.

Track Lane Usage

Lane 1 – Sub 75 seconds per 400m (5min. per mile)
Lane 2 – Sub 90 seconds per 400m (6min. per mile)
Lane 3 – Sub 105 seconds per 400m (7min. per mile)
Lane 4 – 105 seconds plus per 400m (7min. per mile or slower)
Lane 5 & 6 (Start/Finish Line to 200m Start) – Under 11 Athletes
(Jog back on grass or concrete area outside of lane 6)
Lanes 5 & 6 (200m Start to Start/Finish Line) – Sprints
Lanes 7 & 8 – Sprints and/or Hurdles (co-ordinated and agreed between Sprints & Hurdles Coaches)

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