Schools’ Cross Country League News

Report: John Wharf -

Revised course for 6 February

The League races will take on a variation of the course used on 9 January. It will be based on a loop approximately 600m long located in the centre of the park.

Years 3 and 4 will run two complete anti-clockwise loops plus approximately 200m of a third loop before finishing on a short spur off the loop.

Years 5 and 6 will run three complete anti-clockwise loops plus approximately 200m of a fourth loop.

Help Needed

Our usual hare for the races, Joe Philbin, has been selected to represent Stockport at the GM Schools Championships, so we are looking for a volunteer to take his place.

If you can help, please contact John Wharf on 07905 563 038 or johnwharf [dot] stockportharriers [at] gmail [dot] com.

We would also welcome a couple of extra course marshals.

Presentation event

As the construction period of the new clubhouse at Woodbank athletics stadium will now take place late in the year than originally planned, the presentation event for the Schools’ Cross Country League on Saturday 5 March will take place at the stadium at 10:30.

The presentation timetable will be as follows:

10:30 Girls’ Y3-4

Presentation of certificates to the top 10 runners
Presentation of medals to the top 3 runners
Presentation of team awards to the top 3 teams

10:45 Boys’ Y3-4

As above

11:00 Girls’ Y5-6

As above

11:15 Boys’ B5-6

As above

Our congratulations go to the 98 runners who have taken part in each of 5 League events held so far and thereby earned themselves the award of an Endeavour medal. Another 100 runners have taken part in 4 events and just need to participate in the final league event on 6 February to join them in winning a medal. The winners of the Endeavour medals will be able to identify themselves by referring to the second last column of the League table which lists the number of races done by each runner. A 5 or a 6 means you have gained a medal.

The medals will be presented at the administration desk in the clubhouse, where you recipients will be asked to sign their names to confirm receipt and allow us to identify runners unable to attend the presentation. The desk will be open from 10:15 to 11:45 to allow sufficient time for the medals to be collected.

Please note that there will not be a supporting race this year to allow the grass and soil to recover from its continuous saturation this winter. The course of the last event on 6 February will also be modified as necessary.

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