Schools’ Cross Country League Race 6

Report: John Wharf -

Report of 6th Event – 6 February 2016

The weather forecast promised a lot of rain for 6 February and it duly arrived to give us one of, if not the wettest and muddiest series of winter races that I remember. We were impressed by the number of children who turned out for this final League event and congratulate then all on their fortitude and persistence.

The races were run on a course largely based on that used for 5th event, which was made necessary by the very bad conditions underfoot. The looped course was run twice by children in Years 3-4 and three times by Years 4-5. Both year-groups started an additional loop, but were funnelled into the finish after about 200m or so. As in the 5th race, we had a couple of misdirected runners in the Y5-6 races because of the lapping of slower runners as the leading runners approached the finish. They have been slotted into appropriate finishing positions without affecting the finishing positions of others.

A timing glitch in the G5-6 race means that we have no times to present in the results page, which will disappoint at least some of the runners.

We have some queries with the results table and would welcome any guidance:

  • G3-4 missing name for position 52
  • B3-4 missing name for position 53
  • G5-6 missing name for position 13
  • G5-6 two names in position 17 – one perhaps should be 13
  • B5-6 missing names for positions 16, 61 and 62
  • G5-6 two names in position 15 – one perhaps should be 16

Girls Years 3-4:

Freya Murdoch of Pownall Green and Saffron Meade of Great Moor who had already secured first and second places in the League were absent at the Greater Manchester Schools XC Championships, which increased the opportunity for others to take the top spots. Lucy Ewing of Gee Cross took that opportunity and won the race, just ahead of Rosie Philbin of St Mary’s Marple who took her second 2nd place of the season. Emily Whitworth of Lady Barn House took her fifth 3rd place, 2 seconds behind Rosie. The consistency of running throughout the season by Rosie and Emily means that they tied for third place in the League. Lucy’s win promoted her from 7th place to 5th place.

Our congratulations go to the 43 competitors who took place in at least 5 events and have won themselves Endeavour medals.

A fantastic 22 point score from Lady Barn House gave them 1st place, which moved them ahead of St Mary’s Marple to the head of the table. St Mary’s had another very consistent, high scoring performance that gave them 2nd place in the race and the League. Ladybrook had another good race, matching St Mary’s race score, but had to be satisfied with the third place in the League table that they had had already attained.

Boys Years 3-4:

First place was taken by Dylan McGrath of St Ambrose who finished just ahead of Harry Ahearn of St Cristopher’s Romiley with Luke Carrington of Gee Cross 3rd. Our congratulations go to Harry and Luke who share first place in the League after a closely fought series of races. Our commiserations go to Dylan who joined the League after the 3rd place which means that he does not have the necessary 4 races to challenge for a top position in the League. Nevertheless, he can be pleased with two 2nd places and a 3rd. Finley McLaughlin of Lady Barn House who had already secured the bronze medal in the League finished 4th and maintained his series of consistent high placings.

Congratulations to the 45 competitors who took part in at least 5 events and won themselves Endeavour medals.

In the team Competition, Lady Barn House won the race with 30 points and moved ahead of Gee Cross to take 2nd place in the League. Gee Cross came third in the race and will take home the League trophy for third. High Lane took 2nd place in the race, 2 points behind Lady Barn House which improved their League score and ensured they held onto the top spot in the League. Our congratulations go to all 3 teams.

Girls Years 5-6:

The League champion, Isabelle Burke of St Ann’s was absent from the race, which left the way open for the her nearest contender, Jasmine Reed of Rose Hill Primary, to take first place, which she duly did. Second place was taken by Sofia Livesey of St Simon’s ahead of Elizabeth Hill of High Lane, who had fallen near the start after colliding with a boy who ran across her path. Elizabeth nevertheless hung onto the third place that she occupied in the League and will be awarded a bronze medal. Sofia’s 2nd place moved her up from 4th in the League to share third place with Elizabeth. Our congratulations go to both of them. Below them, 5th spot is shared by Rebecca Cox of Rose Hill Primary and Chloe Ewing of Gee Cross.

Congratulations to the 43 competitors who took part in at least 5 events and won themselves Endeavour medals.

In the team competition, Stockport Grammar had their worst score of the season, but nevertheless maintained their position at the head of the League. High Lane, won the race and held onto 2nd place with an improved score. Romiley came 2nd in the race and took 3rd place in the League, with an improved score. Our congratulations go to all three teams.

Boys Years 5-6:

Cathal O’Grady Smith of St Christopher’s took his 5th win of the season just ahead of Jonah Wall of Great Moor. Jonah’s participation gained him the necessary 4th race to allow him to challenge for a podium position and his 2nd place moved him up from deep in the table to take third place in the League. Bow Hornby of Norbury Hall, who had been 3rd in the League worked hard to retain his position, but finished 3rd in the race behind Jonah and slipped back to 4th position, just one point short of the bronze medal. Finley Mayoh of Nevile Road, who had secured 2nd place in the League after the 5th race, finished in fifth position in the race one second behind William Parker of Lark Hill, who fished 5th in The league. Our congratulations go to all the runners in their achievements.

Altogether, 45 runners have won an Endeavour medal for taking part in at least 5 races.

In the team competition, St Christopher’s Romiley came second in the race which earned them the League title. Romiley Primary, who needed to close a 13 point gap on St Christopher’s had an off-day, finishing 4th. They nevertheless kept their second place in the League by a comfortable margin. St Mary’s Marple held onto 3rd spot in the League with a score-improving 3rd place in the race. Their main rivals for the podium, Nevile Road gained their 1st win, but the gap on St Mary’s was too great for them to move up from 4th spot in the table. Congratulations to all the teams for all their efforts.

Presentation Event

The presentation event takes place on Saturday 5 March 2016.

The presentation timetable will be as follows:

10:30 Girls Y3-4

  1. Presentation of certificates to the top 10 runners
  2. Presentation of medals to the top 3 runners
  3. Presentation of team awards to the top 3 teams

10:45 Boys Y3-4

  • As above

11:00 Girls Y5-6

  • As above

11:15 Boys B5-6

  • As above

We had 82 runners who did all 6 events in the series and 98 who did 5 events will be able to pick up their medals at the administration desk in the clubhouse, where the recipients or their team managers will be asked to sign their names to confirm receipt of the medals. The desk will be open from 10:15 to 11:45 to allow sufficient time for the medals to be collected.

Please note that there will not be a supporting race this year to allow the grass and soil to recover from its continuous saturation this winter.

I would like to thank and congratulate to all the children who took part in the league races and express my appreciation to their managers, family and friends for supporting them, St John Ambulance for tending to those needing medical attention and members and supporters of Stockport Harriers who helped put on a successful event. I was impressed that so many runners attended all 6 events, providing a fine show of determination.

I look forward to you again on 5 March.

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