Woodbank Stadium Floodlights

Report: Mike Frost -


Unfortunately we do not know when the floodlights will pass the required safety tests so with regret we are not able to provide any time or date to users saying when we will be able to switch the mains floodlighting on within Woodbank Stadium.

Unfortunately the lights were not reconnected during the building project which was largely due to the difficulty for the contractors in locating the essential equipment to lower and test each of the 8 lighting columns. Upon discovering this fact I made Stockport Council aware of the requirement for lighting to open the club after many weeks of being closed - the only solution was temporary lights which were brought in as an emergency solution within hours or requesting them to ensure the facility could be used.

Upon locating the required equipment to lower each column Stockport Council instructed the contractors to replace all the lamps and clean the glass in every light alongside testing the columns. This was completed 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately during the testing phase many years of faults including an earthing issue was discovered whilst testing and cleaning them.

Carrillion & Stockport Council have made the following statement:

Stockport MBC and Carillion are now trying to correct / rectify a complex (And Costly) problem where the existing floodlighting supply cable installation has been found not to be in compliance with the requirements of BS 7671:2008+A3:2015 – Requirements for Electrical Installations. IET Wiring Regulationsfor disconnection of final circuits. (A serious contravention of these Regulations, and a breach of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989).

Stockport Harriers & AC have, only within the past 24 hours, been informed that this repair, caused by historic faults is likely to be paid for from the 'public purse' so SMBC must ensure it is of value.

Until further notice the temporary lights will be in place and we continue to push for updates and as soon as we know when the full lights will be working we will update via stockprtharriers.co.uk.

We appreciate this is not ideal but it is through no fault of the club, it's coaches or committee that the lights are out of action. A number of club committee members are regularly pressing for updates so we can keep members informed.

We appreciate there may be concerns over the use of temporary lights in the track environment and have sought a risk assessment.

We ask facility users to ensure hi-vis clothing & lights are worn when running in the dark (outside of the lit area) and please be vocal when track needs to be shouted should other users be in the way. Parents must NEVER allow children to walk through the park alone, especially after daylight hours and it is strongly advised by the Club for anybody attending the stadium to walk in groups. Any concerns should be raised with your coach in the first instance.

Please ensure track safety guidelines are followed at any time the track is busy (Monday - Thursday) to ensure the safety of all users particularly given the noise levels of the generators.

Any questions about this please contact me directly via mikefrost [at] skathletics [dot] co [dot] uk however there is nothing further to comment on the matter currently - I hope to provide an update soon.

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