Floodlight update

Report: Mike Frost -

Stockport Harriers & AC have now received confirmation by Carillion & Stockport MBC that the remedial works to rectify the faults to the stadium flood lights has been given the go ahead by Stockport Council & Carillion.

Contractors will be working from January 3rd to January 27th inclusive.

The stadium will be closed entirely in the daytime Monday – Friday during this period including the track and buildings. This is due to the nature of the work involved and the requirement for the floodlight columns to be lowered onto the track. The track will be open as usual for weekend use and in the evenings too with temporary lighting in situ.

Evening Session WILL NOT be interrupted as the contractors will work during daylight hours and raise the columns at the end of each day.

From Monday 31st January the Floodlight repair will be complete and the main stadium lighting will be fully operational. This is subject to appropriate weather conditions and no additional unforeseen issues during the extensive remedial works that are taking place.

We understand there may be concerns over the use of temporary lights in the track environment and have sought a risk assessment. We have been advised that due to the open space the generators are in there is minimal risk to health as exposure is not prolonged and the fumes are generated into open air. Further information on diesel engines can be found on the HSE website.

SAFETY when using the facility

We ask facility users to ensure hi-vis clothing & lights are worn when running in the dark

(outside of the lit area) and please be vocal when “TRACK” needs to be shouted should other users be in the way. Please be patient when children are involved as the noise of the generators can make it difficult to be heard at times.

Parents must NEVER allow children to walk through the park alone, especially after daylight hours and it is strongly advised by the Club for anybody attending the stadium to walk in groups. Any concerns should be raised with your coach in the first instance.

Please ensure track safety guidelines are followed at any time the track is busy (Monday - Thursday) to ensure the safety of all users particularly given the noise levels of the generators.

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