Woodbank Park lighting from car park to stadium

Report: Mike Frost -

As many people are aware Stockport Harriers & AC alongside members of the public and users of Woodbank Park Athletics Facility have been forced to settle with the fact there is no lighting in the darkest parts of Woodbank Memorial Park which forms the route for thousands of users per year between the Car Park and the Track Facilities.

In November 2016 the facility was extremely fortunate to re-open following a period of closure during which time a brand new club house and changing rooms were built for users of the stadium. This period also coincided with the club taking full responsibility for the management and maintenance of the track and its infrastructure. In essence the club is responsible for ALL costs within the fence of the Athletics facility including all management and maintenance costs.

In 2015 the committee approved that planning permission for lighting columns and the required work for lighting be sought from Stockport Council. Approval for this work was granted however if the work doesn’t commence within the next year then planning will expire. Permission was granted on 11/06/2015 and work must start on or before 11/06/2018.

It is now proposed that we, as a club group together and raise the necessary funds so we don’t have to go through another winter where parents and athletes are quite frankly scared to walk to the track. We have a great facility now that is useable by members of our club, other clubs and members of the public alongside disabled users. Let’s work together to ensure the route in and out of the park is safe and accessible for all to come and go from the facility.

For information the lighting would be operated and managed by the club and appropriate signage would be installed to inform park users that the lighting is not always on after daylight hours.

The initial fundraising target is £20,000 which will cover over 90% of the cost of the lighting that is required. Additional Funding grants can be bid applied for however this will be time intensive to apply for such grants.

If all the members of the club some 600 members were to donate say £20 to this cause we would be over half way to funding this project which cannot be funded by Stockport Council or Sport England.

Alternatively contact Mike Frost who will manage the project and fundraising on behalf of Stockport Harriers & AC.

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