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Manchester Area Cross Country League 2018/19

- 19th Aug 2018

Hope you're enjoying this lovely summer and I'm sure there are still many warm sunny days left but we have to look ahead to the Manchester Area Cross Country League which starts in October.

Dates for your diary:

All races are on a Saturday.
13th October, Wythenshawe
10th November, Kenworthy Woods
1st December, Woodbank
12th January, Heaton Park
9th February, Kenworthy Woods .

The turnout from our seniors has been falling off in the last few years and I'd really love our athletes to make the effort and enter this series of XC races this year.

I'm sure your coaches will confirm that racing cross country is enormously effective in developing strength, skill, stamina and mental toughness.

There is always a fantastic atmosphere in our SHAC gazebo, where we support our juniors and they stay after their races and give us lots of shouts of encouragement in return, and there are usually home made cakes, what's not to like!

Senior men Please contact Kevan Garner and senior women contact Alexis Dinsmor please.

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