Treasurer urgently required

The club urgently needs a treasurer and/or book keeper, consideration can be given for a small stipend for this work.

There is a commitment to host the autumn 2020 North Western Relays here at Woodbank in the autumn of that year, a lead person or a small group is required to take this on, volunteers required please.

The club needs another director (as we are of limited liability) to oversee and advise on the affairs of the club, you do not have to be on the committee to fulfil this role.

Treasurer duties include:

  • The maintenance of a proper record of the financial transactions of the club.
  • The payment from the club’s funds of all debts for which the club is liable.
  • The collection of any money owed to the club.
  • The proper banking of the club’s funds.
  • The preparation of an annual account of the club’s finances.
  • The answering of questions concerning the club’s finances at any committee meeting and the AGM.

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