Ladies’ Northern Road Relay Teams

Report: Alexis Dinsmor -

Just a reminder that the relays start at 14:05 on Sunday, 15th. Venue, SportCity, Manchester. "Club colours and vest/crop top all of the same design must be worn", therefore if you don't yet have one of the new design vests perhaps you could borrow one for your leg of the relays. Don't forget pins.

Unfortunately I'm officiating at a triathlon in Wilmslow in the morning and might not make it for the start of the relays, so Rebecca Knowles has very kindly agreed to collect the numbers for us.

We will have the Stockport Harriers' Banner on display on Sunday and that is where we will meet up.

Why not make a day of it and arrive early to support the juniors, their relays start at 11.30am. Enjoy your race.

Please see below the women's teams for the relays.

This is the order they will run in, please let Alexis know ASAP please if anyone has any queries.

Team A. 1. Louise Rudd, 2. Jenny Knass, 3. Abbie Wooddoyle, 4. Sarah Brown.
Team B. 1. Mollie Cooke, 2. Sofia Tavini, 3. Rachel Nolan, 4. Nicola Lloyd.
Team C. 1. Imogen Nutter, 2. Maureen Wilkins, 3. Elaine MacDonald, 4. Lauren Robinson.
Team D. 1. Jen Hulley, 2. Jill Tavini, 3. Amy Barter, 4. Rebecca Livsey.
Team E. 1. Fiona Cooke, 2. Fiona Johnson, 3. Sally Meats, 4. Lesley Sinclair.
Reserve, Linden Hiscock. Alexis

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