University of Manchester Cross-country Relays

Report: Alexis Dinsmor -

Saturday, 26th October

Start time 1.00pm, Kenworthy Woods, Wythenshawe Sports Ground. M23 0BD

I've now entered the women's teams, please see details below. Please contact me if you have any queries.

Please give yourself plenty of time to get to Wythenshawe Sports Ground,(M23 OBD) on Saturday, as the parking can be a nightmare.

The women's race starts at 13:05, five minutes after the men's race.

Team A. Leg 1, Louise Rudd, Leg 2, Jennie Pickard, Leg 3, Nicola Lloyd.
Team B. Leg 1, Emilia Gajda, Leg 2, Sofia Tavini, Leg 3, Sarah Brown.
Team C. Leg 1, Imogen Nutter, Leg 2, Maureen Wilkins, Leg 3, Jill Tavini.
Team D. Leg 1, Clare-Louise Finch, Leg 2, Lou Geldart, Leg 3, Louise Rudd.
Team E. Leg 1, Lesley Sinclair, Leg 2, Lauren Robinson, Leg 3, Ruth Murdoch.
Team F. Leg 1, Sarah Brown, Leg 2, Estelle McGuire, Leg 3, Mollie Williams.
Team G. Leg 1, Nicola Lloyd, Leg 2, Rebecca Fennell, Leg 3, Peta Walsh.

This is the latest list of the Stockport Harriers' men who will be taking part:

Iain Murdoch, James Corden, Jack Morris, Adie Nutter, Stephen Crook, Mike Cooke, Steve Brown, Bradley Freeman, Nathan Mayoh, Mike Shaw, Rob Taylor, George Walker, Phil Carpenter, Andy Carpenter, Ian Crabtree, Ged Cudahy, Simon Pickard, Pete Sinclair, Kevan Garner.

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