Boxing Day Star and Garter 5k Road Race

Report: Alexis Dinsmor -

I'm absolutely delighted to announce that the proceeds from the race amounted to £930.

Over £200 came from the raffle on the day organised by Steve Shaughnessy and we are so grateful to Steve who also donates the prizes for the raffle.

Many thanks also to my fellow race organiser, Cath Jones, who is the computer wizard who somehow gets the results available in record time.

Many thanks to the lovely manageress of the Star and Garter pub, Beryl, who puts on a fabulous spread for everyone after the race.

We will be donating £830 to the Helen Fraser Fund at the Maggie Centre at the Christie Hospital and £100 to Athletics for the Young.

Thank you to all the fantastic volunteers and marshals who do a great job.

We look forward to seeing you on Boxing Day this year, same time, same place.

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