Northern Road Relay Championships

Report: Alexis Dinsmor -

Well done to all Stockport Harriers who took part in yesterday’s Northern Relays at SportCity.

Please see below the results for the women’s teams.

Team 278: Mollie: 22.21, Sarah: 30.51, Glennis: 29.51, Imogen: 31.13 (47th team)
Team 279: Rebekah: 28.40, Kerrie: 30.26, Sophie: 31.09, Aimee: 30.37 ( 56th team)
Team 280: Maureen: 31.53, Elaine: 34.46, Harriet: 31.49, Peta: 36.30 (73rd team)
Team 281: Nina: 35.37, Emilia: 29.12, Rebekah: 30.35, Sarah: 32.31 (67th team)

Mollie Williams was the fastest athlete in all the legs, so huge congratulations to her and to all of you for taking part.

Hope you enjoyed the event.

Look out for details of the University Relays taking place on the 29th October in Northenden.

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