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Couch to 5K course

Report: Alexis Dinsmor -

The next Couch to 5K course commences on Monday, 9th May 2022, at 7pm, from the Community Centre, Turncroft Lane, Offerton. SK1 4BN.

This course is suitable for people of all ages, with little or no running experience.

We start on Week 1 with more walking than running and gradually build up to running for 30 minutes continuously by Week 8.

Fully supported by England Athletics’ coaches and held under the auspices of Stockport Harriers. 

The cost is £24.00 for the full eight week course. Goody bag for everyone who completes the course.

For further information please contact

New Year Honour

Andy Small who won a gold medal at the 2020 Paralympics has received a very well deserved MBE.

The performance he managed with very restricted training was outstanding.

Ron Hill MBE

Roh Hill

Report: Jayne Lawton -

It is with great sadness we say ‘Goodbye’ to our 'inspirational' Legend ' Our Vice President, Ron Hill.

Ron was our 'runner's runner' who created not only the path for us running today but invented the clothes we run in and taught us all how to fuel to race successfully.

Ron for us at Stockport was our ‘Inspiration’, he created the changes to achieve and overcame all the obstacles put in his way at a time when running was tough, it wasn’t popular and definitely not supported either financially or in the community.

Ron was our ‘Legend’ who we would see regularly at our Track, Ron did not miss a day of running between 20 December 1964 and 30 January 2017 – a total of 52 years and 39 days. Ron defined a "run" as completing a distance of at least one mile at any pace. I would see Ron everyday bobbing up Apple Street with it’s brutal 1 mile chin to the floor incline, fresh as a daisy and then running back down Werneth Low.

Ron loved people and he loved their stories, especially running stories, he would listen to their reports of races, might have been’s and success’s, give advice and smile.

Ron read everything on running, he even read about women’s running and how it needed different coaching at a time everyone was coached together.

He’d always encourage with a gentle charm and you can see people leave his company with a warm glow from the youngest to the oldest.

Ron loved to race, he loved the gun, the community and he loved the running family. One of Ron’s happiest moments was when he ran with his family at Parkrun, with his Son, Daughter in law and Granddaughter, he loved it.

Ron’s family were his rock, they gave him the support to achieve everything he did in life, I know we say Ron the legend but without May, Steven and Graham he’s life would have been tougher. They too are inspirational, and we would like to say from us all at Stockport ‘Thank you’ for ‘Team Hill’.

So, before I end our ‘own’ tribute to ‘Ron and sign off with all his achievements I thought I’d share some of ‘Ron’s advice to us all every day. Ron would often tell me “to keep it simple”, “just train well,” ‘work your hardest’ and ‘give your best “ that’s all you can do “If you give your best that’s all it needs to be a success”.

Thank you so much Ron for sharing wonderful times with us at Stockport, your legacy will live on in our younger athletes and we promise to ‘be our ‘best’ .

You will always be running alongside side us, in our thoughts, R.I.P Ron, our running hero.

Duncan McGraw Tribute

Report: Mike Doyle -

It is with great sadness that I have to write to report the sudden death of assistant coach and friend, Duncan McGraw. Owing to the pandemic and absence of many of the usual club events, I suspect many of you would know Duncan more by sight than by name. Duncan had only been with the club for two or three years and became involved in coaching after his son, James, joined my own group. Duncan was one of life’s great doers and had been a breath of fresh air when he began supporting within the group I coach. Duncan was popular with all of the young athletes he worked with. His natural enthusiasm, cheerful demeanour and communication skills made him well suited to his role. I am certain, given time, he would have further developed his coaching and had an even greater impact at the club.

Beyond athletics, Duncan had a wide range of skills and interests that included journalism, swimming coaching, horse racing (he had a part ownership in a horse), bird-watching and football (Oldham fan, although he kept it quiet). Duncan also loved spending time with his family and was a great father. I will dearly miss Duncan, as will Kerrie, and regret that he was lost far too early with so much more to offer.

Duncan’s funeral will be held at Stockport Crematorium on Wednesday 2 June at 11.30am followed by Glossop Golf Club. If anyone wanted to attend the Golf Club they would be more than welcome but would need to let me know asap so I can let his family know for catering numbers.

Duncan’s family have also confirmed that they have set up a Just Giving page for the British Heart Foundation: and also

Message from our Club Welfare Officers

Report: Maureen Wilkins -

As we continue to tread through these difficult times, our roles and responsibilities as Welfare and Safeguarding Officers remain at the forefront of the club. It is our statutory role that our children and young people continue to be protected and supported through these difficult times.

As a club we want to continue with the club’s approach of centering our children and young people. Many people have experienced the effects of lockdown; particularly loneliness, lack of physical contact with friends, family & peers, and the boredom and frustration associated with missing out on activities. There is also the additional complexity of unnecessary stress caused by social media.

Please seek the help available should you need it by using the links provided below. These are difficult times for many of us, and it is okay to ask for support, so please don’t suffer in silence.

If you have any concerns about a child or young persons safety, please inform your welfare officer. If you believe they are in immediate danger please contact the police.

Maureen Wilkins
Jim Herron